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A Novel Diet

Cheryl Morris, a thirty-something-year-old dental assistant living and working in South Philly, suddenly erupts into tears while trying to find a suitable dress to wear to a friend's wedding.

Having been significantly overweight for fifteen years, she doesn't understand her own outburst. She entertains the idea of trying to lose the weight for the umpteenth time, but is very leery about traveling down that road again. Having failed so many times before, she's unwilling to fail again.

She visits a local family doctor, but is skeptical. After some time though, her attitude and her weight changes—for the better. She is finally starting to see success.

Through a slow series of practical steps, Cheryl adapts to the secrets of long-term weight loss and loses 90 pounds-and finds the love of her life.

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A Novel Diet for Teenagers

Edie, a significantly overweight, sexually abused, twelve-year-old, black girl, manages to get out from under her father's clutches as a result of her mother's ingenuity.

Edie and her mom's sudden move to Philadelphia serendipitously plops her into a middle school in a high rent district in the city, where she befriends Kat, a well-to-do white girl. Kat shares the same weight problem as Edie, and as a result the two of them are often teased or ignored by the unthinking cruelty of their teenage classmates.

The isolation that Edie feels perpetuates the unusually close relationship she has with her mother. This relationship, however, is suddenly jeopardized when she becomes fearful of her mother's health and overly involved in her mom's eating habits. As her mom states, "No twelve-year-old daughter is going to tell me what to do!"

The unlikely solution, not only benefits her mom, but also helps Edie turn a nightmarish adolescence into a dream she might only have fantasized about as a child.
...and it's not only about girls!

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