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A Teenage Novel Diet

...and it's not only about girls!

When Edie's mom doesn't make any changes in her eating habits, Edie chides her. An argument ensues, and Edie becomes extremely upset. She seeks advice from one of her teachers, who happens to love cooking, and as a result, the cooking club is formed.

Edie has difficulty getting anyone other than Kat interested. But finally Derrick, a computer geek, joins. The idea of learning to cook some decent food, since his parents are rarely around, appeals to him.

Later James and Devonne also join. Tall, thin, poor, and always hungry, they're eager to take advantage of a free meal.

Edie develops a crush on James, but James, looking older than his thirteen years, gets a job working in a Chinese restaurant and develops a crush on the boss' daughter, Mai Ling.

Derrick, frequently a victim of the school bullies, unwittingly gets his revenge, but suffers from nightmares as a result. He confides in Edie, but it's Kat who becomes a regular companion. Her ability on the piano translates to Derrick's keyboard and sound mixer. Being able to play her own "crass compositions" (according to her mother) with Derrick adding sounds and rhythm, makes her realize that she does have talent.

Edie's performance of "Summertime" in Porgy & Bess amazes her classmates, and as a result the more popular girls at school not only cease snubbing her, but make tentative offers of friendship.

As the year progresses, Edie learns more about eating right from reading her mom's book. She tries to teach the information she has learned to the other cooking club members, but Kat wants nothing to do with dieting and Derrick remains somewhat hopeless in the kitchen. James and Devonne team up to cook dinner for James's family, consisting of himself, his parents, and two siblings. His mother is amazed, not only because the meal they made was really good, but because they made the entire meal for six (Devonne ate too!) for only $14. Her thirteen-year-old son and best friend taught her something she'd never been able to do herself!

Disappointments and triumphs, love and tribulations follow these unlikely friendships. Can three overweight outcasts turn their nightmare adolescence into dreams come true, or does failure continue to plague them? Can these unlikely friendships endure beyond middle school, or does the stress of their teenage years and often unwanted parental involvement destroy their relationships?

Find out how the cooking club changed their lives. Learn what they learned and make a difference in your own life.

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